Install these apps for the training today:
  • GarageBand $4.99

  • iMovie $4.99

Optional - Preview of those below on Judy's iPad and install only if you wish:
Note: Prices as of 1/24/12
  • PS Express - Free

  • OldBooth - Free or $.99

  • 100Cameras - Free, $1.99, or $3.99 (iPad version)

  • Instagram - Free (see IG Tips on Judy's iPad)

  • Photobooth (no need to install - included on all iPads)

  • Photogene - $.99 or $2.99 (iPad version)

  • Book Creator - $6.99 (see tutorial right on the app on Judy's iPad)

  • Capzles - Free

  • ComicStrip - $.99

  • Comics Creator - $.99

  • Comic Touch - Free (Lite) and $2.99

  • Strip Designer - $2.99

  • Cartoon Studio - Free or $.99

  • FlipBoom Lite - Free

  • SonicPics - $2.99 (SonicsPics Lite no longer available in U.S. iTunes Store)

  • Silent Film Director - $.99 (Pro - in-app purchase - add $.99)

Printing from an iOS device? Easy if you have an AirPrint compatible printer. See lists of H-P, Canon, Epson, Brother and Lexmark at this Apple Support site:

Check out these YouTube videos:


GarageBand for iPad 2 demo by Apple

Apple Garageband on iPad 2 guided tour

Use Tutor for iMovie App on Judy's computer. Do not install this app. It is good, but once you get to know the basic features if the iOS iMovie, you won't use it.

iMovie App for iPad 2 - Quick Video Tutorial

iMovie Tutorial for iPad 2 App and How Tos

Photo Editing:
Adobe Photoshop Express Official App for iPad iPad 2

Photogene for iPad demo

Other helpful YouTube videos:

Using the iPad to create eBooks


Importing Flip video into iMovie for iOS

by James Galbraith, Mar 28, 2011 8:15 am
The iPad 2 offers a number of exciting new features. Chief among them is the ability to capture video from the integrated cameras and edit them with the new iMovie for iOS 1.2.
Unfortunately, the video camera on the iPad is better suited for FaceTime video calls than for capturing a child’s first steps, or similarly important moments, for posterity.
Thankfully, you can import video files captured from other devices, though compatibility is hit or miss. We haven’t had any luck importing files captured from Canon DSLRs,
but we have had some success with Cisco's Flip video cameras. If you have a Flip, here’s how it works....
Read more: