iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad iOS apps:
(Price is listed at time of posting - prices in the iTunes Store DO change. I have all these apps and would be glad to provide a demonstration of any that involve a cost. Just contact me.)
Do a search in App Store for grasshopperapps. This company has lots of great apps for early ed, many free & customizable: Sight Words by Little Speller, Little Reader 3 Letter Words Free, and many more!
Also do a search for Innovative Mobile Apps. This company has great apps for early ed and special needs kids.
ABC Phonics Sight Words Kids Game Free Lite - free
Grammar Dragon - free
Grammar Jammers - free
K12 Timed Reading Practice - $1.99
K12 Timed Reading Practice Lite - free (try this first)
Kids Learn Sight Words Lite - free (paid versions with more words - $1.99, $4.99, $8.99)
LanguageBuilder for iPhone - $5.99
MeeGenius! Kid's Books - free (books can be purchased 'in-app'; some books are free)
MiniMod Reading for Details - $3.99 Lite version & $8.99 version
MiniMod Reading for Inference - $3.99 Lite version & $8.99 version
MiniMod Vocabulary Builder - $8.99
MiniMod Word Structure - $8.99
Opposite Ocean (antonyms) - free
Puppet Pals - free (in app purchases for add'l. features)
Reading Logs - free
Reading Remedies - $.99
SentenceBuilder - $5.99
Sight Words Circus Free - 300 sightwords - free
SightWords Pro - $.99
Sock Puppets - free (did have some less than stellar reviews)
Speedy Reader Lite - free
StoryChimes books - free and $.99 (ad-free) versions - Note: ad are not intrusive at all and child-appropriate
Super Why! - $2.99
Word Magic - $.99

iPad Only iOS apps:
(price is listed at time of posting - prices in the iTunes Store DO change)
Bluster! - free
LanguageBuilder for iPad - $7.99
Puppet Pals - free (in app purchases for add'l. features)
Read on Sight - free and $2.99 versions
SentenceBuilder for iPad - $5.99
Smarty Pants School - $1.99
Super Why! for iPad - $3.99
Who's a Smarty Pants? - free (assessment of reading skills)

Helpful hint for challenged readers:
The iOS (operating system) on the iPad, iPod touch, and the iPhone has the capabilities of reading text that is selected (highlighted). Not all text found on apps, on Web sites, or in electronic books can be selected, but a lot of it can. If the text is selected, make sure you have 'Speak Selection' checked in the Accessibility settings
  • Step-by-step directions on activating Speak Selection.
    • Open Settings (gray gears)
    • Go into General
    • Scroll to the bottom > Accessibility
    • Make sure 'Speak Selection' is turned 'On'

Helpful Links:

Download the OCALI list of iOS apps - A Spectrum of Apps for the Autism Spectrum.