Links to great resources for the SMART Response LE system:

Video tutorial on "Getting Started with the SMART Response LE":

Video tutorial on "Managing Your Class Lists":

This is the best resource in setting up your LE devices - be sure to see Part 1 and Part 2 - see below!

This saved the day for me:

Getting Started with Smart Response LE, Part 1

Posted on by Scott

In the last few months we have been putting Smart Response LE to the test (no pun intended…)! There are a few little things that you will need to know in order to get going smoothly with LE.
Connecting Clickers to the Receiver
One difference we came across was that in order for younger students not to have to worry about finding and connecting to the correct class, clickers are paired to specific receivers. To do this, plug in the Response receiver and start a class. When you get the little bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen saying that it’s “OK” to turn on clickers, press the “Power” button and the “Hom” key at the same time. This will take you into “Teacher Mode.” Choose “Scan and Pick” from the menu and look for your class’s receiver. Once you have done that, choose the clicker ID option and assign each clicker an ID. When you are finished, click “exit.” You’re now ready to give your assessment.

Getting Started with SMART Response LE, Part 2

Posted on by Scott

Exporting Assessment Results
Giving a SMART Response LE assessment is a little different then with other versions of Response. Each of the questions asked in LE need to be started and then stopped when all students have responded. Results for that particular question will be visible in the Response tab.
If you are looking to export these results into another format, there are a few extra steps. After all the questions have been answered and the final question has been stopped, click on “View Overall Results” in the Response tab under the pie chart. Then, click on the option to stop the entire quiz. Once that is done, you can go right up to the Response menu and choose “Export Results .”