Get out your mobile learning device. Make sure you have a QR reader installed. Read the giant QR Code above.
Did you get my message?

Here are some good QR readers or scanner apps I can recommend:
iOS: RedLaser, Scan, QRReader, Qrafter, i-nigma
Android: RedLaser, Barcode Reader/Generator, Scanlife Barcode Reader, QuickMark QR Code Reader

RedLaser is free and can create or scan QR codes! I love it!

Scan this QR code created with RedLaser to go to the page
that has information about your instructor and a short activity for your group to do.

JMT address.png

I found this website that allows you to make QR code scavenger hunts - all you do is type in the questions and the answers!
The website does the rest.

Kim Overman, St. Marys Intermediate School
More from Kim - this is a super-duper list of lists and it is awesome!

Tammy Worcester - Tammy's Tips of the Week
Tip 95 - QR Codes - Part 1
Tip 96 - QR Codes - Part 2
Tip 110 - Auto Generate QR Codes in Google Spreadsheet!
Tip 114 - Audio QR Codes

Ideas for using QR codes in the classroom:

Recording audio files & creating QR codes:

QR codes in education

By Melissa Greenwood on November 30th, 2012