Become aware of low cost or free alternatives to commercial, high-cost student response systems
Learn of the limitations of the online assessment systems
Create an online assessment and administer it to another person; study the results

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Who Needs Clickers?
1:00 Introductions
Wikispaces Web site
1:10 Give Survey Monkey Poll at:
Show Survey Monkey Poll Web site
Set up account and create Survey Monkey poll
1:40 Compare Survey Monkey to Zoomerang (prices, features)
1:50 Investigate QuestionPro
2:00 Take PollEverywhere with laptops, cell phones, iPads, or iPod touches.
Set up account and create a poll. Have at least one other person take your poll.
2:20 eClicker – working in groups have participants take probability quiz question
Show eClicker editing Web site. Talk about drawbacks, advantages of using this iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app
2:30 Google Forms
2:45 Braincast

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