Key ELA shifts:
  • Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction and informational texts.
  • Reading, writing, and speaking grounded in evidence.
  • Regular practice with complex text (and its vocabulary).

Key Mathematical shifts:
  • Focus: focus strongly where the standards focus.
  • Coherence: think across grades, and link to major topics.
  • Rigor: require fluency, application, and deep understanding.

Slide presentation on Ohio's New Learning Standards, PARCC & other assessments — mobile learning devices — download here:

Love Apptually - Apps to support learning
This is absolutely the best list I have seen for apps for mobile devices (includes Android apps, too), and although it is not aligned to ONLS, think it is worth a look.

Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning (T3L) is a series of 10 online modules designed to help introduce the most effective classroom technology tools.

Hands-on practice - locating standards lessons & finding additional resources to support ONLS & CCSS:

Edutopia Resources for Understanding the Common Core State Standards

INFOhio Resources to support Ohio's New Learning Standards & Common Core State Standards (flyer - below):
What's Lexile levels all about? View this short video to learn more:
World Book (flyer - downloadable) -
EBSCOhost -
INFOhio Toolkit -
IMatrix -
Research4Success -\
Go! Ask! Act! Achieve! -

World Book & the CCSS

Go! Ask! Act! Achieve!

INFOhio Tools for Ohio's New Learning Standards & the Common Core

Common Core Resources list

Websites with Apps for the Ohio's New Learning Standards (ONLS) & Common Core State Standards

There’s an App for That — by Vicki Windman

Tech & Learning eZine, 12/28/2012

Supplement - There's an App for That
Tech & Learning eZine, January 2013 issue

Tech & Learnings K-12 Blueprint - Bring Your Own Device Toolkit

Symbaloo webmixes with hundreds of links to
Ohio's New Learning Standards & CCSS resources
Create your own Symbaloo account at, login in and then open these two links and add them to your Symbaloo page.
1) By Gayle Geitgey, INFOhio — this one is NOT in the Symbaloo Template Gallery; it was not made public.
2) Go into the Gallery in Symbaloo and do a search for "common core." This will be the top result
by dashley12 from Wake Forest, NC. Click the orange "Add this webmix" to add it to your Symbaloo.
NOTE: I prefer to use the web-based Symbaloo EDU and not the Symbaloo app; it is not optimized for the iPad and, IMHO is grainy and poor quality graphically.

Let's Practice and find some resources to support your chosen standard(s):

Some resources to support Ohio's New Learning Standards & Common Core State Standards:
From Ohio Department of Education — Ohio's comprehensive learning platform - a one-stop shop for online educational content that is standards-aligned (account needed, some free and some premium/paid content), search by standards - see right hand menu) Complete a search for "common core" or "common core ohio" after creating an account and/or logging in.
The site contains numerous lessons designed with the CCSS in mind. From ASCD; you must register to
use the site.
To find more, Google [lesson plans common core]

Multimedia Resources - and use guess access - jmtucke
See Streaming Media Resources category

QR Code hand-out used in this session - download here.

Link to introductory slide presentation for session at eTech Ohio 2013 Conference (one with QR codes and hands-on activity)
8:00 am, February 13, 2013

Edutopia's Mobile Devices for Learning: What You Need to Know
Download manual at: