Roger's opening presentation
Ohio's New Learning Standards: Online Resources for Mobile Devices
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Ohio Media Spectrum - Fall 2013 - article - pages 22 - 33

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Free INFOhio student resources to support Ohio's New Learning Standards:
  • Digital Video Collection
  • Discovery Portal
  • Go! Ask, Act, Achieve
  • Research 4 Success
  • Points of View Reference Center
  • BookFlix
  • World Book Online tools
  • Science Online
  • ...many, many INFOhio resources

Free INFOhio teacher resources to help support Ohio's New Learning Standards
  • Curriculum Toolboxes Published (NEW!)
  • iMatrix
  • 21st Century Learning Commons

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Create a free account today to access thousands of high-quality resources. Some of my favorite are the self-paced lessons and for educator professional development. Content searchable by Common Core Standards. Local content to be shared very soon!

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Ohio Resource Center —
Search for resources by CCSS (ELA & Math) and Ohio's 2010 Standards for Social Studies and Science

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Recommended iOS Apps that can help overcome the challenges of viewing Flash-based objects on tablet devices:
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$2.99; free version available with use of Flash limited to two weeks.

Recommended Android Apps that can help overcome the challenges of viewing Flash-based objects on tablet devices:
Photon Flash Player and Browser
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$2.99; free version - Flash limited to two weeks.

Free Support for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee & Comparing Use of INFOhio Resources on Mobile Learning Devices ('A work in progress')