4 options for linking a Google Form on your Wikispaces page.

Option 1 - Using a URL Shortener like TinyURL or
Fast forward! Pretend you are a parent of a student in your classroom next fall. Complete my Lakota Schools Parent/Guardian Info Form created with a Google Form at:

Option 2 - Just adding a link to the true URL.
You can also just put the entire lengthy URL to the Google Form as a link if you do not want to use a URL shortener like or Here is the 'real' URL to the Lakota Schools Parent/Guardian Info Form: One hint I ALWAYS recommend is checking the 'New Window' box when adding a link. That allows the destination Web site to open in a new window.

Option 3 - Linking the text to the URL.
Lakota Schools Parent/Guardian Info Page

Option 4 - Embedding the form on the Wikipages page.
You can also embed a Google Form on one of your Wikispaces pages by adding a Widget to your page. See it below. Download directions for adding a form to a Wikispaces page by clicking this pdf link.

Here is an example that shows an embedded Google Form on a Wikispaces page.