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Teaching Resource for SMART Boards - NWOET Staff Favorites

7 Mythbusters Video for Science Teachers

The Whiteboard Blog – Science

Study Jams - awesome resource for both science and math (Gr. 3-8), videos, key vocabulary, and self-assessment

Ohio Area Media Center Digital Video Collection – FREE for all Ohio students and teachers
Great source of science videos for streaming or downloading

Triptico Desktop Resources — free classroom productivity tools: Word Magnets, Class Timer I, Student Selector I, Two Team Scorer, Student Order, Student Magnets, Multi-Team Scorer

SMART Speller software – free download for Windows OS works only when connected to SMART Board and/or SMART Airliner or Slate; use for review or introduction of science vocabulary words

SMART Exchange — Find and share lesson plans for your SMART Board and connect with other SB teachers
Search by OACS, Grade, Subject, or just keyword; look for SMART-created ones

Go to the Discussion Forum above for this page and add your favorite science resources for use on the SMART Board or other interactive whiteboard.