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Video Series
The site was developed at Kent State University as an initiative funded by the Institute for Library and Information Literacy Education (ILILE)
and a Library Services Technology Act (LSTA) grant.


TRAILS is a knowledge assessment with multiple-choice questions targeting a variety of information literacy skills based on 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th grade standards. This Web-based system was developed to provide an easily accessible and flexible tool for school librarians and teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses in the information-seeking skills of their students. There is no charge for using TRAILS.

This new resource helps students with the research process.
ASK! Help developing topics and beginning successful projects.
ACT! Guide to finding and using valid information, organizing work and completing group projects.
ACHIEVE! Project presentation including citing sources, plagiarism and copyright awareness, traditional and Web 2.0 presentation techniques.
Access the TEACHER GUIDE presented in Screen_Shot_2012-02-20_at_4.16.53_PM.png format.