To play video, click > in the bottom lefthand corner of this video; slide show will auto-advance and loop.
In a Google slide presentation, choose File > Publish to Web to get a link or embed a slide presentation on a website.

Eric's Big List of Google Resources (debuting Summer 2014):
All GAFE educators will find something useful on this list — for sure!

Google Docs & Sheets Add-ons
**Google Docs & Sheets Add-ons - Lifehacker's Best Add-ons for Google Drive**

Take a little survey created with Google Forms:

FAQs for Google Apps for Education:

Just when I think I am up on things, they change the name —
Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides - Oh, NO!

Video tutorial for learning difference between the new Google Drive and the 'old' Google Docs:

Good site for Google Apps on the iPad

Google Docs Presentation
or download by clicking >>

Really good links:

Google Apps presentation - overview - 16 slides:
(adapted from presentation by Eric Curts, North Canton City Schools)

More than Google Docs - A Sampling of Additional Google Tools for Educators
Please complete a short survey to provide some data on this groups' previous experience with Google apps and to give the instructor some background information. I promise not to sell your email address or send you spam. I do promise to send you on a semi-regular basis super new resources on using Google Docs!
(3-6 hr. training) Go to:
(1-2 hr. training) Go to:

To locate any of these Google Tools links with ease, go to and in the top left hand corner, click on the word more to the far right of the list ; then go to the bottom and click on even more >> from the drop down menu.

1) Docs

Google's productivity suite - View this Google Presentation About Google Docs - Ideas to Inspire
If the auto-advance is going too fast for you, advance manually.
50 peop
le can edit a document or spreadsheet at one time
200 people can be invited to 'share' a document, slide presentation, or spreadsheet
Only 10 people can edit a slide presentation at the same time.

a) Documents - compare to Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice Writer

b) Spreadsheets - compare to Excel, Numbers, OpenOffice Calc
Check out these resources from Tammy Worcester who spoke at our conference in Wapakoneta a few years ago. Unfortunately, I often do not get to hear more than a minute or two from our conference speakers as I am usually too busy taking care of vendor issues.

Creating Lesson Plans in a Google Spreadsheet —
Sharing Your Lesson Plans —
c) Presentations - compare to PowerPoint, Keynote, OpenOffice Impress

Your task - Work collaboratively with two or three others to build a list of sentences that start with each letter of the alphabet. The topic of the sentences — strategies and ways you can help your students strengthen their communication and collaboration skills. Reference the Web pages on the page 3 of the Google Presentation below as well as your own prior knowledge!

d) Forms - use for formative assessments, quizzes, surveys (compare to Survey Monkey, Zoomerang)
To complete a Google Forms quiz, no email address or login is required!
From Tammy Worcester - see this wonderful set of tips and tricks for Google Forms. So, be sure to check out her site and in particular Tip 81 - Google Docs Self Check Quizzes. She has a pdf hand-out there and even includes for download 4 self-check quiz templates that are formatted for automatic scoring. Go to the link below.

Take my quiz to see the power of Google Forms:

e) Drawings

2) SketchUp

3D drawing app (download required)
Case studies in K-12 using SketchUp

SketchUp Pro - available FREE for Ohio K-12 public schools - for more info on the FAQs - click here

3) Picasa

photo editing app (download required)

4) Translate

convert text in one language to another; view Web site in many languages

5) Sites

easy-to-use tools to create Web sites

6) Blogger

easy-to-use tool to create a blog

7) Earth

mapping app on steroids (download required)

8) Scholar

locate journal/scholarly articles and resources

9) Patent Search

tool to search the full text of US patents

10) Code

developer tools, APIs* and resources

11) Labs

explore Google's technology playground
12) Custom Google Search
create your own custom search - add sites you wish the search engine to scan for results
Try my custom Google Search Engine: