Judy's Top Picks - let me know which ones you like best by using the Discussion Button at the top of this page! Explain how you'll use it (i.e. what class, small group, centers, in lab, assign for home use, etc.). You'll need to set up a FREE Wikispaces account to add your favs.

Quick look at
http://nwoet.org - look at media resources - esp. electronic resources (format)
http://infohio.org - look esp. at Learning Commons for professional development opportunities
http://ohiorc.org - searchable by Ohio Content Standards
http://thinkfinity.org - searchable by Ohio Content Standards
http://internet4classrooms.com - See description below.
Click on the links, choose your subject area and (scroll down) grade level. Have fun exploring the wonderful Web resources found on this site. If your favorite Web resources are not found on this site, don't hesitate to submit it to eduTecher. Thanks for Sue Becker, Findlay, for sharing this great site with me!

Here is a great wiki for teaching about wikis: http://pdpresentertoolkit.wikispaces.com/
Not sure why I put together this wiki when Mark Wagner, Ph.D., had already done a brilliant job with his.

You'll find thousand of links on this site including game templates (i.e. Jeopardy), grade specific Web sites.
I dare you to find a dead link! If you do, add a Discussion comment.

You can find our NWOET staff finds here on all technologies and curricular areas.

Create your own Google search page and customize it with great stuff. My favorites at the top are just for fun: Are You Kidding Me?, Things to Ponder, and Brain Fart.

You can find more of my favorite Web sites on a variety of topics at:
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Feel free to add a page and share your favorite Web sites, too. Be sure to give yourself credit!