ActivTips Videos -

For ActivSlate training on 9/23:
ActivSlate Basics (Flipchart - need ActivInspire to open)

Best Practices ActivSlates (Flipchart - need ActivInspire to open)

Instructional Tips (Flipchart - need ActivInspire to open)

ActivSlate: Quick Tips for Daily Use (lots of practice with slate)

ActivSlate Quick Tip: Charging and Battery Usage:
Registering Multiple ActivSlates to One Hub:

Marzano & Associates - Flipchart with Learning Goals (this is impossible to find in a search of the Promethean Planet Web site, but it is there!)

Just found this helpful hand-out on 9/14/11 when trying to find resources for Jennifer Walker, Bellevue City Schools (OH):

Why waste time creating more help for using the Activotes when this awesome resource exists on the Internet — see the link below. Some flipcharts and documents refer to older or other versions of the Promethean software (i.e. there is no Question Wizard for Mac or in the newest ActivInspire software).

Find free tutorials for ActiVotes and ActivExpressions at:

Below are two resource packs available for download that were used in our trainings. Download each one to your computer first.
Note — the main resource pack with the large collection of templates and images is too large to post on this Wikispaces site. Follow this link to download it:

Here are the two resource packs for Containers Made Easy 1 (templates & word matching) & 2 (arrow matching).

After you open the application ActivInspire (Studio), choose File>Import>Resource Pack to My Resources. You must import each resource pack separately.

All Promethean User Guides and Manuals can be found at:

This is the Web site that gives general information for the ActiVote system and has a video about it.

Here are two that do NOT appear on the Web site above:

Download a flipchart on using the ActiVotes student response system. It was found in the resources section of Promethean Planet at: