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AWESOME websites to use for test prep resources:
From John Mansel-Pleydell, NWOCA —
  • My go-to site for Ohio test prep resources - up-to-date!
From Eric Curts, SPARCC —
  • Some of this information on the site is outdated (references to PARCC)
From Nicole Schrock, NWOCA - folder of scavenger hunts for 5th/6th online testing
From INFOhio (Pearltrees) -
From ODE - Ohio Practice Tests

New sites recently discovered/thanks to -
Michael Roush, IT Department Customer Service Coordinator, Wilmington College
Get one hour of FREE professional development by watching Mr. Roush's archived recording of his INFOhio webinar,
Using Technology to Support the Five-Step Writing Process for All Learners at:
PaperRater at
Trading Card Creator at ( - Students can discover the reading level of their writing.

14 Great Tips with Resources to Improve Online Test Scores
1. Ensure basic keyboarding skills are present (which keys do what - including math symbols).
Resources - - 5 sites and 29 games for free keyboarding skills practice
2. Build typing speed (20-30 wpm minimum by high school level).
See Eric Curt’s site and INFOhio’s Pearltrees Tech Skill Practice (above) for SPARCC NextGen Assessments website to practice typing skills.
Here are three sites for students to test their typing speed.
TypeOnline - Works fine with Safari on iPad.
Good Typing - Now works with iPad, but cannot use the word prediction feature of iOS 8. - This one is my favorite; one can set test time for 1, 2, or 3 minutes and there's a choice of the materials to type. It does work on the iPad.
3. Practice 'cut & paste' and related tech skills (see chart) at as well as the INFOhio Pearltrees site.
4. Stress to answer ALL questions - use ALL available time.
Check out INFOhio's Learning Express Library for hundreds of practice tests for reading, writing, math. There are several mode options for timing can be used; multiple grades, core subjects.
5. Practice short response including, math questions which require use of symbols.
Make use of Equation Editor tools tutorials - see Eric Curts’ site>Math (choose desired grade level)
6. Practice “time-limited” writing assignments.
INFOhio's Learning Express Library (many districts have custom UN/PW for remote access) Access this resource at __ On LEL tests and skills practice that are untimed, set a timer for the appropriate length of time for the test item(s). These writing assignments (computer graded) on Learning Express Library’s assessment materials are located in the Student Center.
7. Practice (4-6 hrs. minimum) on exact same type devices that will be used for testing.
8. Practice “simulated research” assignments (based on grade).
Elementary - article by Mary Beth Hertz: Doing Internet Research at the Elementary Level
Baltimore County Public Schools site with specific topics and ideas for research:
Elementary -
Middle School -
High School -
9. Practice multiple choice questions which require CLOSE READING & have more than one correct answer. Learn more aboutCLOSE READINGfrom these sites: YouTube video - "How to do a close reading" -
10. Practice ‘Opinion’ / ‘Argument’ writing assignments.
Resource #1 - Grades 6-12 - INFOhio/EBSCOhost's Points of View -
Resource #2 - Elementary -
Resource #3 - Secondary -
11. Encourage, support and focus on student learning by creating your own online assessments!
Suggested tools: SchoolNet, Edmodo, Schoology, Moodle, Socrative, Google Forms, Survey Monkey, Zoomerang, and more -
See Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers (Tammy Worcester) for her new self-grading templates for Google Forms. I loved the original ones, but there are even better! Here's the link:
12. Give students plenty of practice with online tests.
Resource #1 - Ohio Means Jobs path to Learning Express Library practice tests through Ohio’s PreK-12 Digital Library - INFOhio
Resource #2 - OCBA Practice tests (Science & Social Studies):
13. Re-create your lesson plans to follow a blended learning model, including face-to-face and online instruction.
Research has proven it to be the most effective model for student engagement and success.
14. Post homework online.
Check out the page one article, Online Testing – It Begins With Homework by NWOET Executive Director Dr. Roger Minier, PhD. in the Dec. 2013/Jan. 2014 NWOET SCANNER Newsletter, download at:

Download this issue of the SCANNER here —

Online Testing Symposium held @ BGSU Dec. 17, 2014

You asked; we listened!
Here are links to the resources and slide presentations from the Symposium:
Handouts by Judy Tucker
Session 1 & 3:
A Baker’s Dozen: Tech Tools & Strategies for Online Testing

Session 2:
Tech Skills for Online Testing - two documents -

PowerPoint slide presentations & resources by Roger Minier

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More resources - start a Wikispaces account & add your favorites to the end of the list!

Article from Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ohio will mix old tests and new Common Core test results to evaluate teachers, schools and districts. See:

ODE Ohio Achievement Assessments

Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA) in reading, mathematics, science, social studies and writing are
aligned to Ohio’s academic content standards. This page (link below) contains general information
about these tests for teachers, parents and students.

ODE Test Items

2013 Practice Tests: Grades 3-8 Achievement Tests

2013 Released Test Materials: Grades 3-8 Achievement Assessments

Other Online Test Sites

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Sample Items

The Math Common Core Toolbox from
The Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin and Agile Mind, Inc.

Jen Ripke's slide presentation on Ohio's Next Generation Tests

Contributed by Marla Miller, Pettisville Schools, for middle school math -
Math Counts Problem of the Week

Contributed by Jodi Walker & Jim Hoops, Pettisville Schools - MobyMax - app that is added FREE to
your Edmodo group. Assign the app to the group. See one of them for a demo. MobyMax is also an app that can be used within Schoology!

Link to Judy's presentation from OTEC 2014 (created with iPad Haiku Deck app):

Compiled by:

Judith M. Tucker, NWOET Assoc. Dir. for Prof. Devt.

Tonya Koenig, NWOET Technology Support Manager/Educational Technology Specialist

Roger Minier, NWOET Executive Director